Obesity & Control Therapies: Open Access
ISSN Online :  2374-8354
Journal DOI :  http://dx.doi.org/10.15226/2374-8354/
Current Issue :  Volume 3 Issue 2 -2016
Email :  obesity@symbiosisonline.org
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About Journal

Obesity & Control therapies: Open Access (OCTOA) is a Scientific Journal dedicated to addressing the challenges in obesity. This Peer-Reviewed journal publishes research conducted in the field of obesity management. OCTOA is an Open Access Publication that provides valuable information on, obesity and its consequences on health & physical well being.

This journal will give prominence to publication of manuscripts featuring therapeutic control of obesity. Innovation in obesity control & management will thereby improve the quality of life of obese people, who face difficulty in performing even simple tasks, due to their weight issues.

The journal also promotes studies on the etiology of obesity and the hormonal, hereditary and life style factors governing the increase in weight.

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