Journal of Immunology
Editor-In-Chief :   Steve Fiering, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
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Current Issue :  Volume 8 Issue 1- 2020
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About Journal

Immunology (SOJI) is a broad based, online journal that publishes peer reviewed and open access manuscripts in the field of immunology. Research / review articles dealing with several aspects of immunology such as physiological functioning of the immune system during both healthy and disease conditions, malfunctions of the immune system during immunological disorders (transplant rejection, hypersensitivities, autoimmune diseases, immune deficiency), the physical, chemical and physiological features of the constituents of the immune system in vitro, in situ, and also in vivo are of the prime interest of our internationally reputed journal.

The journal welcomes scientists and clinicians to submit their high quality research reports, case studies and review articles pertaining from basic to advanced levels in different areas of immunology like experimental immunology, molecular immunology, mucosal immunology, classical immunology, cancer immunology and clinical immunology. Research papers highlighting the recent and advanced techniques on immunotherapy (active and suppressive), immunomodulator supplements and drugs, cell based therapy, cytokines and interferons are also encouraged.

Cutting edge research articles based on immunological topics like antigen-antibody reactions, immunodeficiency syndromes and hypersensitivity reactions are highly welcomed.

Subject Areas

➢ Hypersensitivity ➢ Immune cells and organs
➢ Antigens, Antibodies and Reactions ➢ Innate and Adaptive Immunity
➢ Hematopoiesis ➢ Immune System Development and Signalling
➢ Immune Response ➢ Vaccines and Vaccination
➢ Autoimmunity ➢ Transplant Immunology
➢ Tumor Immunology ➢ Immunotherapy
➢ Reproductive Immunology ➢ Apoptosis
➢ Clinical and Mucosal Immunology ➢ Neuroimmunology
➢ Immunopharmacology ➢ Immunotoxicology
➢ Microbiology immunology ➢ Cytokines and Chemokines
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